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 "Must-Have!" Systems and Tools for Entertainers

Jack Turk
No-Holds-Barred Bootcamp 2007
All-star lineup delivers big time money making and success secrets. Even if you missed this life-changing event, you can still get all the inside scoop...

Robert Marsi had this to say after listening to Joel Bauer's presentation from last September's "No-Holds-Barred Bootcamp"...

"Jack, I firmly believe that you can sell each CD for $100 easily and that is a nominal fee compared to the valuable information Joel has tipped at the conference! If serious professional magicians do not follow what Joel tells them to do, they will never make it in life. Period."


90 Day Market Mastery System For Magicians.
The greatest marketing program of all time for magicians has been UPDATED,  EXPANDED, and made infinitely more AFFORDABLE, and comes with a veritable truckload of moneymaking, gig producing free gifts.
Dave Dee
Bootcamp In A Box (1999)
The 1999 Event that put Dave Dee and Magic Marketing on the map! The information revealed at this event practically gives you a license to print money.  And now at the lowest price EVER!

"UNCENSORED Bootcamp" 2000
Shhhhh... this one almost slipped away unnoticed... but the stuff that got revealed at this now-legendary event will rock your world!... if you think you can handle it!

Dave Dee

Mega Marketing For Magicians...
How To Get Booked Solid And Make A Fortune Doing Magic Even If You Are Starting From Scratch! This is this perfect companion product to the "90 Day Market Mastery System for Magicians." (It also makes for a great stand alone moneymaking tool!)

John Kaplan

The Magician's Million Dollar Swipe File!
This collection of REAL-WORLD Marketing Tools and proven promotional pieces built a rock-solid 30+ year career … pulling in yearly revenues of up to Two Hundred Grand … earning well in  excess of $1,000,000.00 !!!

Dean Hankey

Invisible Magic Dust
Are you interested in the coolest give-away item ever that can make you a ton of moola? You can't see it, you can't taste it, you can't touch it -- but you can sure take it all the way to the bank!

John Kaplan

Fundraising Magic
An amazing, turn-key system that gives you all the insider information you need to turn your show into a "Money Machine" that enables you to earn HUGE PROFITS for Years to Come
in the lucrative, exploding Fundraising Industry!

John Kaplan


UPGRADE to Fundraising Magic
If you already own Fundraising Magic™, you'll want to check out these dynamic new tools and great additional marketing material that absolutely skyrockets the value of your system.

Dean Hankey

Looking for a Powerful, Proven', Profit Producing customized |back-of-the-room product?  This is a BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED and designed coloring, activity and magic book that you can sell, get sponsors for, and use as a premium, give-away or up-sell.

John Kaplan

Fundraising Magic™ Night Magic Project Kit 
 INSTANTLY Transforms Your Act Into A “Dinner Theatre” Event That Earns You Corporate Fees From Schools & Community Groups!! 


Eddy Wade

Eddy Wade's Money Making Toolset!
A professional's professional with 30 years experience, Eddy knows how to make serious money as a magician. The assortment of tools, theme shows, and systems he's put together will knock your socks off!

Eric Paul

"The System Training"
Can you believe it... a complete system for us magicians? This will absolutely blow you away!! It makes so much sense and is so easy to instantly apply to your current business. Whether you do birthday parties or major corporate events, this WILL make you very successful and VERY busy doing what you love!!!
Eric Paul
Anatomy of a Successful Campaign
The real scoop on a three step marketing campaign that can rock  your world. Consider it this way - I am inviting you into my office, opening up my computer files and letting you take what you want.  And then I'm telling you how to use it to make money, serious money!

easter eggKid Shows, Themed Shows, and School Shows

Jack Turk

How to Make $25,000 Doing Birthday Parties Part-Time
Want to make great money without quitting the day job?  It's totally possible and this system gives you everything you need to know! Includes customer forms, info on using Google Adwords to build your business, a "HOT" website template -- and even a rocking invisible card routine! What a deal!

Dave Dee

I Love To Read
The quickest, easiest way for you to make money with a school assembly show that practically books itself. Easily earn thousands of dollars faster than you can say magic!

Dave Dee

The Ultimate School Show Assembly Program
How to earn thousands of dollars doing school shows even if you've never done a school show in your life.

Chris Egelston

How to Create, Market, and Present Motivational School Assembly Programs for Big Profits”
A complete system for creating, marketing and presenting motivational school assembly programs that will make you quick and easy profits!”

John Kaplan

Magic of Christmas Show
Do you want to book an outrageous number of shows this Christmas? Discover how you can turn basic, off-the-magic-shop-shelf props into a killer program that virtually SELLS ITSELF  during the holiday season!

John Kaplan

Now this REALLY IS a virtual “Business-In-A-Box” for the Halloween season. You want tons of bookings this coming October? Then you really out to check this out.

Tim Adams


The Amazing Day Care System
Do you want to work Full-Time as a Magician? One of the secrets to making this happen involves the Day Care market.  Find out how easy it can be to make this market work for you!

Tim Piccirillo

Dominate Your School Market Power Toolkit!
Interested in expanding your marketing beyond elementary schools?  Tim Piccirrilo's system describes how to dominate the middle school and high school markets, as well as a "hidden" opportunity everyone else is missing... but you don't have to....

DJ Ehlert

Success Strategies for the Restaurant Magician!
Congratulations, you are about to gain access to what may be the most powerful program ever created for success in Restaurant Performing.

Eric Paul

How To Make a Ton of Money AND Get FREE Publicity
Doing Theater Shows!!!”

Insider information on an over-looked Goldmine right in your home town!! You will have a blast working this system! 



Corporate, Motivational, and Other Big Money Markets

Dave Dee

Money-Making Power Toolkit
Learn my system and strategies for making a huge income booking corporate gigs in a breakthrough program consisting of a 90-minute DVD and a 50-page manual.

Dave Dee

Success Magic
Are you looking for a powerful motivational  speech, jaw-dropping magic, potent marketing hooks, and a corporate presentation that's easy to book? Look no further!

Dave Dee

Mind Power Unleashed!
Powerful training that helps your corporate clients build their bottom line... and at the same time, generates real income for you! Looking for a way to re-position yourself as a high-end business consultant? This is it!

John Kaplan

"Santa via Satellite"
How would you like to do a 30-minute show for $22,500!!!! Learn how you can OWN the corporate Christmas market in your area and blow your competition out of the water.

John Kaplan

The Great Car Disappearance!
Consider whether YOUR magic career would benefit by having a magic trick so powerful, it can be turned into a “knock-your-socks-off” promotion that can be sold – for fees in the thousands –  to your existing and future clients in these markets

Tim Piccirillo

Run Your Own Entertainment Agency!
Interested in making money while you kick back during the weekend? It's totally possible and this system reveals exactly how!

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