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"Four Case Studies Of How To Make $10,000
With Your Fundraising Magic™

This is a documentation of 4 shows that earned upwards of $10,000 ... includes samples, interviews, and a complete day-by-day (almost hour-by-hour) documentation of an entire event (planning through execution) process that took exactly 6 weeks from start to finish.

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Hoo-Boy, this is a biggie, but I'm happy to do it because I'm so totally behind all of John's products....

With any order of John's products during this special sale, I will toss in the limited edition, TWO-CD version of my incredible, 2007 "No-Holds-Barred-Bootcamp," which includes a fantastic session by John, as well as a whole host of speakers like Joel Bauer, Dave Dee, Eric Paul, myself, and many more! This is well over a $300 value, but I'm creating a special limited edition MP3 version on two CDs to make this available only this weekend for you with any purchase of the following John Kaplan products.  

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Okay, on to the deals!



Fundraising Magic™


The Complete Insider System For Earning Up To $100,000 (or more!) Developing, Booking and Performing Fundraising Shows For Community Organizations

Using this system will enable you to set your fee, sell your show, work the type of audiences you want, seize control of your magic career and capitalize on the huge growing demand community groups have for good fundraising opportunities.

“Puts the future of your magic career in your hands!”


Fundraising Magic™ UPGRADE

“Supercharge Your Fundraising Magic Shows With This ALL NEW Bundle Of Money-Making Marketing Tools And Success Strategies!”
  • NEW user-friendly project kit tools your sponsors will love you for!
  • NEW marketing tools for you to book even more shows!
  • NEW easy to sell “fail-safe” fundraising system!


Night Magic


“They Laughed When I Said I Could Get CORPORATE FEES From School And Community Groups For Only One Hour Of Strolling Magic And A 45-Minute Platform Act”
– but their laughter turned to amazement when I started booking these gigs at $1,695 a pop!!!

Discover an amazing new system that rakes in BIG BUCKS from a huge hungry market performing when YOU want
... for the type of audiences YOU want
... with the stuff you’re already doing


Stage Fright


“Who Else Wants A Booked-Solid Halloween Season?”

This is the show that turned a hit-or-miss Halloween season into one of my most profitable months.

Own the complete PERFORMANCE & MARKETING RIGHTS LICENSE to a killer Halloween-themed show that books solid each October and draws huge crowds of up to 1,000 or more!


Magic of Christmas


Discover how basic, off-the-magic-shop-shelf props have been themed into a killer program that virtually SELLS ITSELF during the holiday season!

A proven way to get booked solid this holiday season with a show that garners heaps of praise from enthusiastic audiences and gets you asked back again and again!

Now you can perform a terrific seasonal show using props you probably already own




How Would You Like To Be Paid *$22,500.00 For A 30-min show ?!!!
How would you like to ...
… own exclusive LIFETIME territorial rights to a fantastic Christmas show that earns really BIG BUCKS?
… have a totally unique show that virtually defies being ripped-off ?
… crunch your competition and be THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN when it comes to corporate Christmas gigs?
… Be able to offer an INSTANT Christmas-themed show using the same tricks you’re already doing!

*Amount client paid to have this program
created for their annual Christmas event.


Great Car Disappearance


Consider whether YOUR magic career would benefit by having a magic trick so powerful, it can be turned into a “knock-your-socks-off” promotion that can be sold – for fees in the thousands – to your existing and future clients in over a dozen markets!

Plus guarantees you gobs of free publicity and instantly establishes you as the #1 magician in your area!!!


Magician’s Million Dollar Swipe File


The Most Astounding MARKETING RESOURCE LIBRARY Ever Released To The Magic Fraternity

An absolute goldmine of marketing materials that have been successfully used to sell OVER A MILLION DOLLARS worth of magic shows and services.

Gain “insider access” to these proven successful sales tools to boost your magic career!


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